Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin

    • Vitamin B-12 is a growing problem in this country, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. They estimate that nearly two-fifths of the population are not getting enough of this essential vitamin. Without it, you can feel sluggish and as if your brain is fogged under.

      Why is B-12 deficiency on the rise? In part, because people are beginning to understand the value of a plant-based diet.1 Unfortunately, there is no plant that can provide vitamin B-12. It is strictly available in meat. However, Great Seasons Nutrition offers a solution for this rising concern.

      Great Seasons Nutrition provides B-12 in the Methylcobalamin format for better and immediate absorption. That’s important because vitamin B-12 plays an active role in energy production, mood balancing, cognitive processes, metabolism and digestion.2

      Taking supplemental B-12 if your body needs it can provide a number of benefits. Vitamin B-12 is essential for energy because it helps convert food into fuel that you can use to power your body’s furnace.3 That increased energy boosts your metabolism, helping to break down protein, carbs and fats into glucose for energy.

      Vitamin B-12 might play a factor in heart health and support, as well, by helping lower an amino acid that can cause damage and reduce blood cholesterol levels naturally.4

      It's the combination of enhanced energy and mental clarity that you will probably notice the most, though. Studies suggest that vitamin B-12 is necessary for cognitive functions like memory and focus.5

      Great Seasons Nutrition’s Vitamin B-12 Methylcobalamin comes in 1,000 mcg doses. Each bottle contains 150 tablets that have a natural cherry flavor.

      Is your mind feeling a bit muddy these days? Think about whether you are getting enough essential B-12 from your diet and consider trying Great Seasons Nutrition’s Vitamin B-12.


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