Green Tea Extract

    • Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have probably heard of green tea and its superfood health benefits. Originally one of China’s great treasures, green tea has a legendary history that began during the reign of the mystical Emperor Shennong. It is widely recognized by even the top medical facilities in the world for its medicinal effects.

      The one drawback to traditional green tea is that you must brew and then drink it. Green Tea supplement from Great Seasons Nutrition offers all the benefits of green tea in capsule form. The extract is made by soaking green tea leaves in a solution that concentrates them. This process preserves the most important elements and compacts them into green tea capsules that you can take anywhere.

      The antioxidants in green tea, specifically polyphenols catechins and Epigallocatechin Gallate, work to reduce the formation and buildup of free radicals that damage cells and tissue throughout the body. Combined with 5 percent naturally occurring caffeine, you can expect a daily dose of green tea extract to give you a gentle boost of energy, add fire to your metabolism and help fine-tune your focus. That increase in the metabolism may be enough to help you lose weight, too.

      There is also clinical evidence that green tea offers cardiovascular support and promotes heart health. The L-theanine in the tea is calming, as well, and it's linked to a reduction in the stress response in the body that can also impact your health.

      Great Seasons Nutrition’s Green Tea Extract comes with 120 capsules in each bottle and all the antioxidant benefits of green tea but without the mess and fuss.


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