What You Should Know About B12

November 03, 2017

What You Should Know About B12

Is your body craving more B12? For that matter, how would you even know? Vitamin B12 is an important part of many bodily functions like metabolism, but it can be lacking in certain kinds of diets. Since it is an essential vitamin, it is important to understand how it fits into your overall nutritional and healthy non-GMO lifestyle strategy.

What Is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin essential to the human body. Essential vitamins are nutrients required for normal body functioning but are not synthesized naturally. In other words, your body gets them from food and other external sources. In the case of vitamin B12, the primary source is a protein such as meat or seafood. It is also available in some dairy products or fortified foods like breakfast cereal, and it is part of a vitamin B complex dietary supplement, as well.

Most people get enough of this vitamin from their diet, but deficiencies happen with the elderly or individuals who are vegetarian or vegan. Taking a dietary supplement that contains B12 can reduce the risk of a deficiency, especially if you don't eat meat.

What Does Vitamin B12 Do?

Vitamin B12 is essential to normal brain and central nervous system functioning. It is also a critical component in cell metabolism.

Should You Take Vitamin B12?

There is some evidence that taking supplementary vitamin B12 has health benefits. Potential benefits of taking B12 include:

  • Helps boost metabolism – Converts fats and carbs to energy

  • Promotes healthy heart – B12 helps support healthy homocysteine levels within the normal range

  • Promotes healthy digestion – Helps metabolize proteins

  • Helps improve mental clarity and cognitive function – B12 works to support memory

At least one study published in the "British Journal of Dermatology" found that eczema patients respond well to topical B12. There is evidence that low levels of B12 might have some bearing on age-related diseases like Alzheimer's, although more study is needed to prove that taking a supplement will lower the risk of dementia.

People often combine a B12 supplement with other weight loss tools such as a caffeine source and an antioxidant like Green Tea Extract Supplement, for example, to promote weight loss. It can increase energy levels, improve memory and enhance your immune system, all while helping you sleep and feel better.

Is There Such Thing as Too Much B12?

Taken in normal doses, B12 supplements are considered safe for most people. Ideally, you would get the recommended dose of this essential vitamin from food, but taking a supplement can ensure you do receive enough B12 and may help boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels if you are trying to lose weight.

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